Good lesson in making lemons into lemonade…

My broadband and phone line went down. Called my provider and they did some quick checks to see that a line had been severed. They sent a call out to Chorus to fix it, told me it would be 48-72 hours and gave me 100 Gigs of mobile broadband data to tether my office off my phone. Next morning I get a call verifying it’s all fixed, only about 18 hours later.

I’ve gone from disgruntled that my service doesn’t work to a happy customer, all because I got a little honesty, reasonable compensation and faster than promised resolution.

Looking at studies of customer satisfaction, you quickly learn that the most loyal customers are the ones for whome something went wrong, but they were happy with the way it was handled. Customomer loyalty is not about never having a problem, it’s about doing the right thing when the inevitable happens.